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    Skanska – in the midst of a changing world

    Welcome to help us understand the changing world we live and act in – today and in the future.

     Which Drivers of Change do you believe have been the most important for our business over the past ten years? And which Drivers of Change will be the most important over the ten years to come? Please click on the links below and give your votes!

    Naturally, no one has the correct answer to these questions. To gain as good understanding as possible we will gather opinions from all Skanska employees, via OneSkanska. We will also get to know the views of the employees at the firm Arup. Chris Luebkeman, trendspotter at Arup, is invited to speak at the Skanska Management Meeting and will partially base his presentation on these surveys. We will naturally share his conclusions here at OneSkanska in mid-October.

    We truly appreciate you views, so please give it a try! Your vote will be anonymous. Thank you!