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    Welcome to Skanska's Management Meeting 2010!


    This year, I am happy to invite you to London. In the United Kingdom our Construction and Infrastructure Development teams have, jointly, established a strong business and brand. The Sunday Times recently named Skanska UK the 2nd Best Green Company across all industries which means that Skanska now is the "Leading Green Construction Company in the UK". Let this serve as an inspiration for the rest of us!

    The upcoming Management Meeting will be particularly exciting as it constitutes the official launch of our Business Plan 2011-2015. The plan is the outcome of one year's intensive work, to which I know many of you have contributed. Thank you for your engagement and efforts!

    The theme of the new Business Plan is Profitable Growth. After years of successful consolidation we have a strong common platform; we are One Skanska with shared values, a strong operational performance and a solid balance sheet. This enables us to move into a new, more offensive mode. We can do it – and we have to do it in order to keep our attractiveness among investors and employees.

    The Profitable Growth Strategy is ambitious. It challenges us to find and take on new business opportunities while strengthening our operational efficiency and risk management. It challenges us to be a recognized leader in our home markets, and to realize our Green business potential. It challenges us to become the industry leader in safety and to become world class in managing our People - there need to be many more of us in order to deliver on our high ambitions.

    I am convinced that we, together, as a team, can deliver on these challenges. We have an exceptional track record and a fantastic culture. What's more; global trends move in our favour. At our meeting, we will talk more about these trends as well as our hands-on actions. I hope you are as eager as I am to realize these plans – you will make the difference, and your work will impact all of Skanska!

    Looking forward to seeing you all in October!

    Johan Karlström

    President and CEO, Skanska AB