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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    We work with the highest safety standards, acknowledged by our mining clients.

    Our local presence in the principal mining areas in Latin America, along with our logistic capacity and expertise in all types of “Fast Track” projects positions us as an efficient option for construction and mounting services for the mining industry.

    Our wide range of services and capabilities spans the construction of process plants, material transport, earthworks, civil works, pipeline construction, power lines and all other surface installation infrastructure.

    We count on the highest safety, quality and environmental protection standards that maintain the execution of each project on time and in order. We have developed our activities for the mining sector meeting complex logistical requirements and in the most diverse terrain, as in the Peruvian mountains, the Argentine Patagonia, The Andes mountain range and the Atacama Desert in Chile.