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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    Environmental Services

    Solutions with technology for a better environmental performance.



    Servicio de tratamiento de Slop Oil

    From our vision as providers of total operational and maintenance solutions for the oil and gas sector, we have developed a broad range of environmental services for our clients. Backed by the latest technology and equipment, we involve ourselves in the productive process of our clients. We align with their objectives and, together, aim our goals for the sustainable future of their operations.

    In this manner, we provide slop - oil, emulsions and effluents treatment services with static and mobile equipments for “on line” or isolated reservoir systems; clean-up of bottom of tanks, treatment of the recovered oil muds and final disposal; management, administration and final disposal of the solid and liquid waste; soil remediation; and technical audits and for environmental studies.