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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    Construyendo May, 2011

    The region grows and Colombia joins in


    Our landing in Colombia is one of the most important accomplishments of the Business Unit in 2011.

    Colombia started towards the end of 2009 to give interesting macro-economic signals for our business, as well as completing concrete actions related to democratic security. At the same time within our company we realized that companies that work or had worked with us in Venezuela were taking their first steps to start work in Colombia.

    It was at this time when our team in Venezuela started to analyze, investigate and research the information necessary to make a proposal to our headquarters. And these results were included in the 2011- 2015 Business Plan, approved around the middle of 2010 by the Board in Sweden, which allowed Skanska to go into the country and start seeking business.

    The first phase stage is defined by the entry into the marketplace through the O&M services since we already have the experience, the know-how and the right team for this. In this way, we generate relationships with clients starting with a service contract that implies building long-term bonds of trust. And that same trust is what will allow us, afterwards, to be their choice in projects requiring major investments.