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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    Advance your career with us

    Whether you’re an engineer, project developer, communications officer, manager, construction worker, carpenter or have another professional or working background, we’re always on the lookout for the best employees.

    Skanska offers you many opportunities as well as an extensive range of training and development programs. It is our philosophy that the majority of your development will occur on the job, under the direction, support and guidance of a good boss.

    Throughout your career at Skanska, we add to the day by day experience other training to supplement your on-job experience.

    The Skanska Code of Conduct establishes a clear direction for each employee in our organization. Our Five Zeros program details the goals we establish for the operation of our projects regarding ethics, safety, quality and environmental responsibility, as well as emphasizing the importance of using sound financial practices to choose the right projects in order to deliver positive results. If you want to find more information about current job opportunities or want to submit your resumé, click on  Apply for a job.