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    Safety Week 2012

    Safety Week is a global event taking place every year in Skanska, where we focus on safety. The event has been run since 2005 and it helps us re-double our efforts to eliminate accidents in the workplace. It also gives us a chance to do something new together.

    We know that achieving our goal of “zero accidents” is going to be tough and that we are not going to get there by doing more of the same.

    We have to do things differently.

    One of those things is how we behave, the decisions we make and what we expect of others. We have to take responsibility for the safety of ourselves and how we work with our colleagues.

    “Our journey to zero accidents is only possible with you and me taking responsibility”

    This is the theme for safety week 2012.

    Working together in teams large or small, local or widespread, internal or external is a key part to delivering “zero accidents”.

    There are many teams today across Skanska that are achieving zero accidents every day, week after week, month after month, year on year. They do this not just by following the rules but by working together and caring about the safety of those they work with.

    Taking responsibility for their own actions but also by looking out for each other.

    Enjoy Safety Week 2012 and let us take what we do differently in this one week and turn it into what we do every day.

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