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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    Our green initiative

    At Skanska, we are convinced that tasks of project development and environment responsibility are fully compatible roles


    This signifies execution of tasks undertaken by means of applying correct procedures and a major sense of responsibility and respect for the earth, water, air, flora and fauna, local communities and their cultures.

    Consequently, to the use of appropriate methods and techniques of prevention and control, we include full conviction submitted by all the levels of the organization with respect to the long-term benefits as a result of respecting and caring for the environment. We apply this philosophy to all our projects and services.

    We are already fully committed in this direction, implementing internal initiatives and policies in all our projects, such as: energy efficiency in our buildings and offices, use of low contaminating vehicles and evaluations of impacts as a result of waste material we generate.

    The green initiative target consists of developing green solutions economically attractive to our clients.

    Why are we undertaking this journey in order to become a green company?

    • Because both the planet and its climate change requires so.
    • Because the client searches for green solutions more and more in order to create awareness, save on energy and respond to governmental regulating procedures.
    • Because this motives pride from all of us who work at Skanska, and collaborates with our brand image.
    • Because the green approach cooperates with our strategy of attracting, recruiting and retaining our talent.
    • Because it implies differentiation with our competitors.