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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    How Skanska’s Code of Conduct Hotline works

    You can call the toll-free telephone number or use a web form. Enter the access code and select language. Be sure to have a pen and a paper ready, so you can write down the unique case number you will receive. Then you leave your message. You can speak or write in your local language or English.
    If you choose to, you can remain anonymous.

    • Your call/email is received by a company in the Netherlands called People Intouch. If calling, you will speak to an answering machine.
    • People Intouch transcribes the mesage and submits it to Skanska in your language and in English.
    • People Intouch sends an e-mail to Skanska AB’s Ethics Committee, informing them of the new case and providing a code to a secure web site.
    • Skanska AB’s Ethics Committee enters the secure web site and reads the message. They do not hear or see your original message.
    • The first analysis of the case is conducted by Skanska AB’s Ethics Committee. They send their response to People Intouch, who translates the answer back into your language.
    • Ten working days after the first message, you can enter your unique case number to hear/read the response from Skanska AB’s Ethics Committee. The response may include questions, which you are asked to reply to through the same procedure. You can still choose to remain anonymous.

      This communication cycle can be repeated until the conclusion of the investigation.

      Skanska AB’s Ethics Committee is responsible for informing you of any decisions or actions. These are communicated to you via the People Intouch system.