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Here you will find all about our new projects and the services we offer in Latin America.

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    HR Regional Services

    At Skanska, Human Resources has the Regional Services area, where its main role is to support the employees assigned to projects in a foreign country.


    During the process of assignment to other countries, the Regional Services area is responsible for giving support to employees from every point of view. From the very beginning, they are provided information about the host country and the project. Among the main services that are provided, there is the Cultural Orientation Workshop, medical checkup for the assigned employee and his/her family, moving and travel coordination, as well as the look-and-see trip.

    The Regional Service area is also in charge of giving assistance regarding administrative matters such as documentation checking, communication of conditions and contact in the host country. Counseling and guidance is a sine qua non condition in this process of moving to your new destination.

    We believe in an integral contention of the assigned employees as the main role in this process. This is a practice which differentiates us and makes us be proud of.